Started in England… ending in England.

Yesterday I woke up in Shipley, England and looked outside my window… and this is what I saw-


So incredible, eh??

This last Thursday, Friday and Saturday have been quite busy, as I have been running around trying to film whomever I can, with whatever weather is available to me. It has been fun being able to use my new equipment in such a beautiful place, doesn’t happen every day a videographer gets to go to a such a neat place to capture such wonderful things! I am done filming- just need to edit and send that off to the Platt’s before I leave the continent.

Sunday was my last day in Llandudno, Wales. I was able to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Platt’s on Saturday, which was a joy to be apart of, as well as join them at church on Sunday. They are so welcoming and giving of their time and resources.

Sunday night Jessica (eldest daughter of the Platt family) and I drove from Llandudno to Milton Keyes, which is just about an hour north of London, stayed with some friends then went into London in the morning. Spent all day seeing every major site, eating local food, going into the national gallery and of course, riding on a double decker bus. It was such an amazing experience, I am so glad I was able to go check it out, even if it was only for a day.

Now I am hanging out in Shipley, where Jessica lives, and yesterday I hopped over to Leeds to see some friends (Ryan and Jade Topper) and experience more of England culture and happenings 🙂 We went to an old monk ruins as well as the german market and indian food for dinner! Of course I got a german sausage at the market- super good!

Toppers and Jessica and I :)

Today, I am hanging out in Jessica’s flat working on video stuff, and just relaxing. I will probably take a walk along the canal while my video is exporting later 😉

I fly back to the States on Thursday for a 5 hour layover in Chicago, then to Portland by 8pm.

Thank you all for your prayers and support of me during this trip, it truly has been a blessing to see and be apart of life here. Stay tuned for the link to the videos, as well as my Facebook which will have pictures up, in probably a week or so. Cheers!


Time to Work

After spending a few days exploring Scotland, I figured I should probably head towards the location that is the purpose of this very trip. Gotta work sometime right? 😉 So I got up at 6:15am (which, those of you who know me… you know that early mornings and I don’t normally mix well.) and managed the trains south from Scotland then West towards Llandudno, Wales. I arrived around 2pm and was already stunned by the city as I was leaving the train station. From there we went back to the house, and then I got a quick “drive-by” tour of the city. And i’ll tell ya, whatever I thought was beautiful, quaint, stunning, cool or cute… was all blown out of the water.

You drive 5 min up a little windy road and you see beautiful grassy pastures and rolling hills overlooking the Irish Sea, then you drive 3 min down the side, and you hit a beach with hotels lining the ocean that reminded me so much of the victorian scape as you walk down Main Street in DisneyLand. Within the touristy city there seems to be a ton of super cute shops and great places to walk around. About 8 min the other direction, you hit a little inlet of water with guess what looking over it?!?! A CASTLE!! And not only that, but this little suburb town of Llandudno is surrounded by a castle wall, the whole town!! Needless to say I am quite excited to go and explore it all. But you gotta work before you can play… so tomorrow I start “work”.

Irish Sea & Wall Irish Sea

(just took these super quick as we were driving.. totally raw, no editing whatsoever… RIGHT?!?!)

I got a chance to unpack all my things and get my first “shots” of the room I am staying in (that quite frequently guests stay in when they participate in the ministry of the Platts). Tomorrow we start filming right away. Start the day off with a good planning meeting (knowing the schedule for filming, what kind of shots, style, etc.) and jump right into it! As long as the weather holds up we’ll be shooting at the pier, the Great Orme (google it, it is so cool), the beach, their office, the train station… you name it!

Please continue to pray for me, as I am still not sleeping 100% and trying to get over a cold. As well as for weather (a lot of shooting we want to do is outside, and they say it rains here… a lot). And just that these videos would be God centered and completely glorifying to Him and how He has used the Platt’s and their ministry. That the footage and message would be true and accurate as we move ahead.  Cheers!!

A few observations…

*Here are a few observations I have made about the United Kingdom culture, so far on my trip…

-I adore their accents and usage of the English language.
-People here are extremely helpful and kind.
-It’s weird that they don’t use a top sheet…
-Driving a stick shift is the same as in the US just the shift thing is on the left, not the right.
-I love the brick architecture.
-It’s new, but also feels strangely familiar (probably the weather haha)
-They put baked beans on toast??
-They have lots of rolling hills with sheep.
-I ate something called black pudding, and it wasn’t pudding.. At all. Confusing?
-They hold their own Olympics, but call it the Common Wealth Games (which includes 71 countries)… Basically they just didn’t want to invite us (the U.S.).
-People jaywalk. Often.
-A “bib” is a Brit word for pinny (like a practice jersey in sports)
-They don’t really have brewed coffee… Just espresso and tea.
-I asked a man for help at the train station and he said “no I can’t marry you” and I told him my mom would be so disappointed.. He said so would his mum. Hahaha.
-It’s gets dark here, like at 4:30pm.
-Scotland isn’t a country. The UK is. And it is apart of the UK. And is also apart of the European Union, and is a common wealth (I think)… It is rather confusing to me, all the connections!!
-I love it here!!!!

*please be advised, these thoughts are just my interpretations of what I am experiencing… Not necessarily fact.*

A $17 coffee and muffin…

Right after landing in Munich, and realizing I had a few hours to kill, I decided to find myself a cute little coffee shop and get some coffee and breakfast. I saw the prices, not sure if it was in Euro’s, pounds, or US… but I figured “well, I need something, right?!” So I ordered a muffin and an americano, turns out it was $17.00 for coffee and a muffin… -_- What do ya do? haha.

I am currently on the 18th hour of dwelling in an airport/airplane… which is a long time. That’s as long as it takes my family to drive to Southern California! Even though the journey has been long, and still isn’t over… it has been confirmed to me how perfect this trip is, for His timing. On my first plane ride I sat next to woman who happened to be from, guess where? England! But worked at a Canadian Christian College for 5 years, guess which one? CUC! Which is the one that Prairie (my alma mater) plays against in collegiate athletics. And the guy sitting next to her was from Winnipeg and lived in Vancouver, BC. So that was just so encouraging to have two people sitting next to me who gave me connections to feel right at home:) And then on the flight from Chicago to Munich I sat next to a guy who is a RN but lived in Alaska and had traveled to Europe before, so he gave me some tips as well. (Also, I made my first European friend with the man controlling the gate bridge thing; I have to say, I am an excellent charader 😉

Just confirms that this is where I am supposed to be, and I can handle this whole “adventuring” thing. Prayer for restful time and wise decisions as I am still navigating by myself until I meet up with Andrea Stout in Glasgow- which will be on Thursday.

Have a good morning North America 🙂

$17 Coffee

Everything in order…

As I prepare to embark on such a journey, there are a lot of things that must be in place for the trip to be successful. Airline tickets, hotels, train tickets, timing for pick ups and drop offs, a working credit card, proper video equipment, a working laptop, and much much more. Let’s be honest, that is stressful. But the thing I want in order most of all, is my heart. I want to make sure that while I am preparing to go overseas to support missionaries and their work, that I am humble, confident and grateful. I am not going to please myself, or get out some sort of “travel-bug”… but I am going to serve the Church and His mission that He has laid before me. God has given us all many talents and gifts, I feel so blessed that I am able to use mine in such a practical God-honoring way. Jesus, I pray that in the next 22 days 3 hours and 25 minutes, that I will seek to glorify and honor you. Prepare my heart for what you have in store for me.

My prayer for today…

“Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus.” -Philippians 2:3-5